Koval Svitlana Hryhorivna

Physical therapy specialist

2010-2014 — Academic and research center of neurorehabilitation “Nodus”.

2014-2016 — Kinesiotherapy medical center “Kinesis Life”.

2016-2019 — Kyiv city rehabilitation center for children with disability

Has been working at LISOD since 2019. Total of 25 years of practice with experience in the following fields of rehabilitation: neurology, orthopedics, pediatrics, oncology. 


Graduated from The Open International University of Human Development ‘Ukraine’ with a degree in “Physical rehabilitation” and received the Master’s degree in physical rehabilitation (2014).

Secondary medical education (1993). 


– Consultation and examination of patients at all stages of treatment, providing a full range of recommendations considering the stage of treatment and functional reserves of the patient’s organism.

– Complex fascial decongestive therapy – outpatient treatment of lymphedema (manual lymphatic drainage, bandaging, decongestive therapeutic gymnastics) and prevention

– Physical rehabilitation following surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

– Recovery after surgical interventions.

– Rehabilitation following trauma and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Certification training, scientific and educational activity

– Complex decongestive therapy (CDT) training. Certificate from the International Fascial Distortion Model Organization (IFDMO).

– “Trigger points and myofascial pain syndrome” training. Certificate from School «Rehabilitolog».

– Kinesiology taping training (1-2 level).

– Full course of physical rehabilitation according to the NEURAK technique using REDKORD devices. 

Regular participation in international and Ukrainian professional conferences, symposiums.

Has been invited as an expert to give a lecture at: 

– Scientific and practical conference “Oncological patient rehabilitation at the therapeutic resorts.” Lecture about: “Lymph draining taping in the treatment of edema following lymph node dissection”

– Congress of Ukrainian Psycho-Oncology Association. Presentation about the “Influence of physical activity on the psycho-physical condition in the rehabilitation of cancer patients. Practical application.”

– All-Ukrainian social awareness campaign to support cancer patients and their relatives “To be close.” Online seminar about the “Rehabilitation of oncological patients at all stages of treatment”

– All-Ukrainian social awareness campaign to support cancer patients and their relatives “To be close.” Online seminar: “Lymphedema – prevention and conservative treatment.”

Membership in professional organizations

UPTA (Ukrainian Physical Therapy Association)

UPOA (Ukrainian Psycho-Oncological Association). 

A list of the types of interventions, methods of treatment that you know and use

Manual lymphatic drainage.

Compressive bandaging.

Developing individual complexes of therapeutic gymnastics.

Teaching therapeutic gymnastics exercises.

Kinesiology taping and lymphatic drainage taping.

Rehabilitation of patients at the inpatient unit: in the early postoperative period, in the late postoperative period (outpatient), when undergoing special treatment, after the treatment, during the palliative therapy.

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