3D-planning of reconstructive operations

Every patient, just like any surgeon, would love to see the outcome of an operation before it even begins. Predictability is the most valuable characteristic in reconstructive surgery, but which is, unfortunately, not always achievable. That is why any devices and instruments that allow to increase the likelihood of a sustainable, predictable, and expected outcome of an operation are highly desirable for any specialist. At the LISOD Breast Center we started to use the CRISALIX 3D-visualization system. It is a special computer program which allows to create a virtual image of a patient and model different surgical scenarios, choose an optimal size of implants by ‘inserting’ them in the virtual breasts and immediately see the ‘outcome’ of the surgery. Obviously, such modelling does not completely match the reality, but it significantly helps to successfully solve technical problems, especially in complex cases. This increases the predictability of the outcome of the operation, and hence – the satisfaction of the patient.

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