Special and integrated treatment of breast diseases

Modern treatment of the breast is integrated, i.e., it consists of a few stages – surgery, systemic drug therapy, radiation therapy. Depending on the stage and biological features of a tumor these stages may be modified, have a different sequence and duration. Prescribing integrated treatment requires a multidisciplinary team approach. At the LISOD Breast Center doctors of different specialties take part in the formation of the treatment program from the very beginning, united by international standards and common vision of the result. The treatment considers the characteristics of the patient and focuses on ensuring high quality of life of the patient.

We act in accordance to international medical protocols to provive the most effective treatment
We ensure a personalized approach to every patient and choose the treatment strategy on an individual basis
We apply the latest surgical techniques to achieve not only the oncological, but also the best aesthetic result

Types of treatment


Surgical intervention is one of the major stages of radical treatment of breast cancer. It must combine oncological radicality and functionality with the best aesthetic result. We are convinced that the surgeon should aim to achieve the highest quality of life of the patient and therefore the best aesthetic result. When choosing an operation, you need to take a tailored approach, considering all the factors of the disease, the patient, as well as the desires and vision of women.

Systemic (pharmaceutical) therapy

Chemotherapy, targeted therapy (in case of HER2-positive tumors), and hormonal therapy are used in treatment of breast cancer. All these medications have their indications, expected effects, duration, and amount of use.

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy is a method of treatment of many neoplastic and some non-neoplastic diseases with ionizing radiation.

Malignant cells’ DNA is injured affected by radiation therapy which causes a lot of mutations and leads to their death. Normal cells of the body do not undergo these changes because they are more resistant to radiation.

Inpatient stay

Around-the-clock monitoring by the specialists

Comfortable conditions of stay

Three meals a day

At the inpatient unit patients are accomodated in single wards which are not inferior to the high-class hotel rooms in terms of comfort. A special ventilation system allows to create an optimal microclimate in any room, antibacterial air filtration is also performed.

High quality bed linen, bathrobes, slippers, toiletries await the patients in the wards.
Medical staff ensure an individual approach to every single patient of the clinic and do everything they can to create a comfortable and calm setting.
A nurse's station is available around-the-clock.

We pay a special attention to nutrition of our patients. A diatologist puts together an individual menu for every woman taking into consideration their personal preferences and necessary recommendations.

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