At the LISOD Breast Center consultations are provided by Israeli and Ukrainian specialists with experience of practice at the leading European and Israeli oncological centers. Consultation is an opportunity to break down a certain clinical situation, receive advise regarding the diagnostic tests that will allow to establish an accurate diagnosis and choose the optimal treatment methods.

A clinical oncologist is the first to meet the patients with breast cancer. The specialists performs a clinical examination, explores the existing medical records, interprets the test results, learns more about the familial and personal history of the patient, recommends further diagnostic tests if necessary.
Following all the diagnostic procedures necessary to establish an accurate diagnosis, an international concilium of specialists is conducted which includes clinical oncologists, surgeons, radiotherapists, chemotherapists and other specialists.

A treatment approach is then determined taking into account the properties of a specific tumour and the recommendations of the international guidelines.

Zhygulin Andrii
Head of the B.C. Lisod

Full administrator follow-up

The main task of the personal administrator is to provide each patient with the most comfortable visit to the Breast Center.

The administrator coordinates the time of consultation or procedures, provides information about the services and their cost, gets a patient in touch with an attending doctor. The administrator also helps to solve other organizational issues (transfers, tickets, accomodation etc).

Patients can always call their administrator to discuss any problems or get answers to the questions regarding diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation.

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