Immunohistochemical examination

Immunohistochemical examination is a part of the integrated pathomorphological examination and is performed on specially prepared tissue slices obtained during the trephine biopsy or after the tumor and surrounding tissue has been removed during surgery. With the help of special reagents this technique ensures the most specific and accurate determination of the biological characteristics of the tumor, such as receptor status (ER, PR, HER2/neu), i.e., the sensitivity of tumor cells to hormones and specific targeted therapy medications, proliferative potential (Ki67) of the tumor cells etc.

Molecular genetic type of the tumor is determined with the help of immunohistochemical analysis, the primary or metastatic nature of the tumor is clarified, biological features of tumor cells before and after treatment are compared. Only this examination as part of the integrated pathomorphological diagnostics allows to establish the complete correct oncological diagnosis and determine the biological type of the tumor and therefore to prescribe an appropriate treatment option.  

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