Breast cancer screening

There are a few diseases that can lead to death unless the treatment is prescribed or provided in time. However, these diseases can be successfully cured when identified timely. Breast cancer is one of these diseases. 

Timely detection means to determine there is a problem with the breasts before it manifests clinically. It means that these neoplasms cannot be felt on touch, do not affect the skin or nipple, they are usually small and do not invade the lymphatic nodes etc. 

How can you detect something that cannot be seen from the outside and is not palpable? 

For this you need to regularly undergo an annual examination – mammography. This kind of planned examinations of healthy people to discover diseases at early stages is called screening.

A mammogram (an image obtained during mammography) allows to identify the smallest suspicious changes. For example, microcalcifications – small areas of calcification that can be a sign of the tumor that has no clinical manifestations.  

In developed countries a need for mammography screening is under no doubt following scientific research. For many years these countries have had state screening programs for women (the government pays for the examination of each adult woman), that help to save life.

In Ukraine we take care of our health on our own. 

However, we have everything necessary to properly diagnose women – at LISOD there is a new digital mammograph with a tomosynthesis function as well as experienced staff. 

When necessary, mammography can be supplemented by ultrasound, and in case suspicious neoplasms are found – by performing a biopsy, etc.

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