Special underwear

At the LISOD Breast Center we provide patients with the necessary quality underwear – bras and swimsuits. 

In the early postoperative period, the patient will be provided with a special underwear which corresponds with the extent and technique of the operation. It will help to pass this period more conveniently and safely; if necessary, we will help to choose and order external breast prostheses for patients who have undergone mastectomy without simultaneous reconstruction. 

Good patients’ well-being is very important for us. The more confident the woman feels, the more strength she regains. Fortunately, nowadays there is a sufficient selection of all necessary accessories: from wigs and scarfs to bras and swimsuits, designed to consider physiological features. 

The special underwear is different from the usual one because it is designed for a specific situation that has to do with a certain kind of operation or rehabilitation period. To produce this underwear which combines functionality with modern design, convenience and reliability only high-quality materials are used: hypoallergenic and hygroscopic cotton, soft high-tech microfibers (optimal for skin respiration), elegant lacework that adorns the underwear.

For external prostheses the pockets are made of the materials that are perfectly compatible with the skin – this can be microfiber or cotton. External prosthesis must completely fill the cup which cannot be smaller than the prosthesis to not deform it. It is also important for the cup to not be larger than the prosthesis: in this case the fixation may not be sufficient. While tight-fitting, the bra should not compress. The straps should distribute the pressure evenly without cutting into the shoulders. We recommend underwear with wide unloading straps (which should not curl) and a broad soft band under the breasts. 

IMPORTANT: underwear (like the rest of clothing) must not limit the operated side.

Successful rehabilitation is promoted by swimming and exercises. A lot of companies specialize in production of underwear, tops, swimming suits and even tunics. The swimsuits design and fabric are chosen considering the sutures, types of operations, possible lymphatic edema, radiation therapy consequences etc. Bikini and swimsuits have functional details and at the same time match the fashion trends. You may swim with pleasure in these clothes while feeling confident and protected. For women who have undergone mastectomy special swimsuits have a raised neckline. A higher armhole allows to feel comfortable, and pockets on both sides provide reliable fixation of the prosthesis. The cover of silicone prostheses is made of polyurethane film, resistant to sea water and chlorine.

As we recommend to our patients – healthily swim for your health. 

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